U.S. Government Rates Tesla Safest Cars In History, IIHS Claims Otherwise

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It is said that at any given moment, 16% of drivers in the U.S. are uninsured. Insurance can play a vital part in post-accident issues, covering the car’s damages, but it doesn’t help much with safety in the moment of the crash. That’s the car’s job.

And so, for those who are interested in the Tesla Model S or the Model X, there is good news. According to a statement by a Tesla rep, the U.S. government rated these cars as “the safest cars in history.”

“Tesla’s Model S received the highest rating in IIHS’s crash testing in every category except for one, the small overlap front crash test, where it received the second highest rating available. While IIHS and dozens of other private industry groups around the world have methods and motivations that suit their own subjective purposes, the most objective and accurate independent testing of vehicle safety is currently done by the U.S. government, which found Model S and Model X to be the two cars with the lowest probability of injury of any cars that it has ever tested, making them the safest cars in history.”

This statement is in direct opposition to one made by the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), which maintained that while the Tesla was the highest scoring in many categories of safety, it’s second-place rating in the small overlap front collision test made less than optimal for car safety.

“If you’re looking for top-line safety, we believe there are other, better choices than the Model S,” said the IIHS representative.

This claim from the Insurance Institue comes from the results of the test, in which the head of the crash test dummy slammed into the steering wheel. Because of this, they gave the car an “acceptable” rating, which is just below “good,” the highest score from the IIHS.

The issue was that the driver’s side seat belt did not have enough tension to protect the dummy’s head, said the IIHS. And after Tesla stated they corrected the issue, the IIHS’s second test results showed the same problems.

Dave Zuby, IIHS executive vice president, and chief research officer stated that they are not denying the safety of the car overall.

“We’re not saying the Model S is unsafe. But, the fact we got the same result the second time doing the test was disappointing.”

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