According to New RootMetrics Report, Sprint and Verizon Are Denver’s Best Mobile Networks

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applications conceptAccording to the latest biannual report from the mobile analytics firm RootMetrics, presented in global news release on Sept. 8, Verizon and Sprint are tied as the top-performing mobile network companies in the Denver metro area.

This report was the ninth time RootMetrics has conducted the test in Denver, and the third-party analytics firm releases a report on mobile service twice a year in order to inform consumers and push the mobile networks to provide better rewards and faster service.

Although Verizon held the first place for the Overall Performance RootScore Award back in March, the company tied with Sprint during the latest testing.

The survey measured six different categories of mobile network service, grading each service provider on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being a perfect score. For categories where all four providers scored above a 97, Rootmetrics considered first place to be a tie between all four.

Verizon managed to rank in first place or share first place for four out of the six categories, while Sprint ranked first, or shared first for five out of the six.

The top four networks, according to a press release published following the report, are Verizon and Sprint tied at No. 1, followed by T Mobile and ATandT tied at No. 3.

The six categories of RootMetrics’ survey, along with respective first-place winners and their scores are as follows:

  • Reliability Index: Four-way tie
  • Speed Index: Sprint (86.3)
  • Data Performance: Sprint (93.3) tied with Verizon (93.2)
  • Call Performance: AT&T (99.6)
  • Text Performance: Four-way tie
  • Overall Performance RootScore: Verizon (94.7) tied with Sprint (94.5)

According to a press release, RootMetrics created the Denver-area rankings by analyzing 20,424 tests for call, text, and data performance, spanning all hours of the day during a period of three days (Aug. 27 through Aug. 30.). Using smartphones purchased through carrier stores, the tests were conducted in 34 indoor locations, outside, and while driving approximately 1,065 miles.

The RootMetrics survey is still fairly new in the mobile network service industry, but is expected to become more influential in customer purchases as the use of mobile devices continues rising, especially in regards to mobile purchases, which are expected to reach at least $140 billion by 2019. According to the RootMetrics website, it conducts tests in all 50 states and focuses on the top 125 most populous metro areas.

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