Tear Gas, Water Cannons At The Hungarian Migrant Fence

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policeA recent report from CNN has confirmed the use of tear gas and water cannons at the Hungarian-Serbian border this week, as the migrant crisis continues to build. Hungarian riot police attempted to keep swarms of thousands of migrants from entering the country after they fled their homes due to violence and political upheaval.

On Wednesday, Hungary sealed the last hole needed in its border, a privacy fence that makes the 80 to 90% of U.S. fencing applications for privacy look like child’s play. The razor-wire fence is over 100 miles long and — if its message wasn’t clear enough — is lined with Hungarian security forces in armored vehicles.

“… An armed mob of a couple of hundreds of people are trying to enter Hungarian territory without any kind of permit,” Zoltan Kovacs, a government spokesman from Hungary, reported to CNN on Wednesday. “These are young males, armed with sticks and stones who tor(e) away the gate … during the night, and they are … trying to break through.”

Kovacs believes that CNN did not paint an accurate portrayal of the situation with their chosen footage. Aleksandar Vucic, Serbian Prime Minister, is calling the chaos a “huge embarrassment for Serbia.”

This marks the largest global migrant crisis since World War II and has left many divided on the topic. The people spoke out on Twitter to make their voices heard.

“It doesn’t matter what religion or nationality they are or the country where they would like to go to,” wrote Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic. He openly stated that his country was ready to accept the people in need.

“These people are here, they want to work, to create,” Milanovic said. “They don’t want to come to Croatia nor Hungary, but they will be able to pass through Croatia.”

The European Union is trying to establish a solution for how to properly distribute the 160,000 migrants, which includes 40,000 from Italy and Greece. The United Nations estimates that 6,000 migrants daily are fleeing Greece and entering Macedonia.

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