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Dealing with airlines can be an ongoing process, even as you’re waiting for your scheduled flight. If you want flights from Springfield, you need to first make sure that you have the right airport and destination. Airlines in Springfield, MO will fly to certain places, so you should check the available flights and see what you would have to do to get to your final destination. Once you have a ticket for airlines that fly out of Springfield Missouri, you can then go to the airport for your flight.

While at the airport, you need to be aware that things can change quickly. While the Springfield Illinois airport flight schedule will often go without problems, weather or mechanical problems can cause flight delays. In this situation, you need to be patient as the airlines figure out what to do. Sometimes your flight will be delayed for a while, potentially until the next day. If this happens, you can stay in a Springfield airport hotel overnight. Then you’ll be ready to easily catch your flight at its new time.

Every day, more than three million people around the world fly safely on commercial airlines. Unfortunately, it’s not always the flight itself that’s the difficult part; it’s all the other logistical aspects of flying that can cause a tremendous amount of stress on families, traveling professionals, and just about anyone planning a trip.

Thankfully, thanks to some innovative new digital apps, dealing with airports is getting easier by the minute.

According to Airport-Technology, Denver International Airport just announced its unveiling of a new app that will assist with passenger safety. Both passengers and airline staff can use this emergency reporting app to inform airport authorities about various security threats and safety concerns.

‘See Say Airport’ allows users to send real-time information directly to airport authorities, which is the first of U.S. airport to use ELERTS, a public safety communication app, to crowd source the reporting of safety and security issues.

“Safety is number one priority and by downloading and reporting issues through the ‘See Say Airport’ app, the public can take an active role in keeping the airport as safe as possible,” said Kim Day, CEO of Denver International Airport. “We encourage anyone who visits the airport regularly to download the app and use it to communicate with airport authorities directly regarding safety and security concerns.”

For international flyers departing from Germany, another new app is working on improving the various tasks associated with spending time actually inside the airport. According to Future Travel Experience, Hamburg Airport is pairing with FLIO airport app. FLIO app users can access exclusive retail and food and beverages offerings, as well as book specific car parking spaces, and utilize lounge areas.

“The app allows passengers to check their timetables, view maps of the airport and obtain important information about Hamburg Airport,” said Lutz Deubel, Head of Center Management at Hamburg Airport. “They also benefit from campaigns and special offers in our shops and restaurants and can quickly and easily book lounge access or car parking.”

Another already popular transportation app — Lyft — is now partnering with Southwest Airlines to help users cut down on all the stresses involved with actually getting to and from the airport. American traffic, no matter the time of day, is always brutal. In fact, data company Inrix reports that the typical American commuter wastes 42 hours in traffic each year at a cost of $1,400 in gas. The Southwest Airlines app new feature can now allow users to schedule a Lyft to pick you up and transport you to the airport in time for your flight.

The new Southwest update also adds the ability to book international flights directly from the app.

Here are a few additional free apps on the market that can drastically help cut down on airline annoyances:

  • GateGuru — This app allows users to access helpful information within seconds. You can bring up up-to-date information on restaurants, shops, and other amenities in both domestic and international airports.
  • MiFlight — This app is a must for frequent flyers who can’t stand waiting in long lines. MiFlight collects wait time information from over 50 airports around the world and can inform you whether or not the line is, in fact, moving.
  • Entrain — Believe it or not, this app keeps jet lag at bay by mapping out your sleep schedule according to your body’s circadian rhythms in order to maximize your flight experience.


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