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If you have had an iPhone these past few years, chances are that you have seen your fair share of software updates. Apple is adapting new tech to give iPhone users an improved and optimized experience with every single update, boosting features related to accessibility, user interface, and even sound quality. While most iPhone users have a basic understanding of all of the setting available on their phones, there are probably still countless features that you haven’t even seen yet. This video outlines some of iPhone’s newest features and how you can start using them today.

While Siri has been one of the most popular voice recognition software apps ever, she is now joined by Shazam, which used to be a completely separate app. Now that it is available as a home screen shortcut on iPhone 10 and newer, you can look up any song that is playing at the push of a button.

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In addition, you can now pull and download multiple images from Google images at once. You can pull and drag them into other apps, the cloud drive, or even messages. Keep your eye out for new updates coming this year!


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