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Having an online presence is one of the most important parts of being a business in the modern day and age, with companies that blog 13 times more likely to see a return on investment.

Getting a company’s name and brand out into the public eye, and in a positive way, can be difficult for many, especially small businesses. Most smaller companies don’t have the advertising power that a large corporation can throw around, and so they need to find a way to get their name in front of an audience.

And that’s where the blog comes in.

According to Founder and CEO of JotForm Aytekin Tank, one of the fastest ways to grow the company blog or website is to encourage not just the B2B or B2C content writers to write on it, but the employees, too.

“B2B content normally sterilizes the human experience,” says Tank. “Companywide blogging restores it. When you liberate employees to write what they care about, the content can build your brand. Excited people tend to write exciting stuff.”

The entrepreneur states that marketers struggle to capture the “passion, expertise, and experiences” of their organization. And that the alternative, mobilizing the entire team together, can be much more rewarding.

And he means the entire team. Engineers, designers, HR, sales, and marketers. Any employee with interesting and exciting things to say can and should write for the company.

According to the CEO, blogging builds the company brand by unveiling its human nature, instead of relying on products to do that.

“Buyers,” he said, “can’t distinguish between products easily. They can, however, differentiate between the thoughts and personalities of sellers.”

Tank believes this to be the way to earn not just a mindshare and portion of a customer’s money but build trust and appreciation as well. And it can help with the team dynamic of a company.

“The process is also rewarding. Telling stories has been good for trust-building, morale, and teamwork.”

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