What Does HR Technology Mean For Recruitment?

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Technology is being introduced into a great many things, but should it be introduced into the HR departments of businesses? For many companies, using data and information sorting technology has become mainstream, but according to experts, they should not forget the human element.

Alexandra Mizzi, senior associate at Howard Kennedy, believes that companies should use the technology, but be willing to account for biases in their systems.

“There’s a reason it’s called human resources and not data resources,” she said. “Tech must not be allowed to run away with itself.”

This comes from the idea that companies are becoming more and more reliant on using algorithms and data statistics to recruit, rather than meeting with potential applicants face to face.

“HR must also take a proactive role in ensuring that recruitment technology does not promote bias against candidates with particular diversity characteristics,” she said.

By this same logic, Andy Campbell, senior director of HCM strategy at Oracle, believes that instead of thinking of employees as “cogs in the wheel” of the company, businesses should think of them as customers.

“HR also risks alienating employees through its use of data and technology if it does not consider the end user,” he said.

Employers often overlook how smart use of HR tech can improve the employee experience. Many programs offer the ability to give performance reviews and evaluations based on how that individual did, but instead of giving that data immediately, HR waits until an annual or bi-annual review.

“Millennials expect continuous feedback, but performance management systems make it annual or bi-annual,” he said. “The system is all wrong.”

Recognizing and giving good feedback to employees can have a positive impact on businesses and increase employee retention. According to studies, 86% of companies with employee recognition programs experience an increase in worker happiness.

“Employers should consider how HR tech might be used to engage and motivate younger employees by delivering more frequent feedback,” Campbell advises.

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