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The famous African Bout fighter Booto Guylain has passed away after failing to succumb with his head injury. He got a head injury in his last bout on 27th February and since then he was struggling for his life, doctors said.

The doctor who examined BOOTO Guylain said in his press briefing that “There was bleeding and swelling inside his brain due to serious injury” and he could not sustain it. The announcement of his death came into the limelight when official African website EFC put a note of his death confirmation on the website. It further adds that “He sustained a serious head injury during the third round and he was elbowed by the Davies”.

It goes without saying, the African bout fighter, Booto Guylain lost his both professional bouts from TKO under the EFC banner and happened to loss the third round from Davies.  Besides, he is the second bout professional who had died in the last 6 months. Exactly, few months back, Brazilian bout professional Leandro Souza had also died due to organ stress.

Guylain (29 years old) is the third Pro MMA fighter who happened to die due to direct injury during the competition. Before him, Michael Kirkham (age 30) and Vasquez (age 35) died due to direct injuries and it was the biggest loss to the Pro MMA bout fighting.

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