Russia Reinforces Military Presence in Crimea

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Russia is not going to stop its control over the Crimean region and it has begun with more military presence in the peninsula. Recently, Associated Press reporter noticed that a bunch of Russian military trucks loaded with officials and armaments penetrated near the Gvardeiskoe north of Simferopol. He said that “all the vehicles bore Russian plate numbers and they were embodied with the Russian flags”.

Besides, Foreign Minister of Russia said in his recent press briefing that “we are not going to hold olive branch with the Crimean authorities because they are beckoned by the extremists”.  This statement clearly indicates the mood of Russian authorities and chances of military clash between Ukraine and Russia cannot be denied.

On the other hand, Ukrainian armed forces spokesman Vladislav Seleznyov told Associated Press that “On Friday, People of Crime saw that Russian amphibious military ships were unloading 200 military vehicles at eastern Crimea and it was appearing from the scene that Russia is going to use military force against Ukraine”.

He further adds, No doubt, since the tensions grew in the region, amphibious operation was one of the largest movements of Russia. Furthermore, a convoy of 60 military trucks had also been sighted at the Feodosia and the sudden increase of military presence will create more troubles in few days to come.

It must not be forgotten that Crimea lawmakers have already set 16 March the dayof referendum for annexing with the Russian territories. On this move, Moscow has cleared to the world that it would fully support this step and it will ignore the repeated warnings coming from Washington.

Last but not the least,   U.S and E.U are persistently pursuing Russia to engage in dialogue process with new Ukraine authorities but Foreign Minister of Russia has already made it clear that “We would not dialogue with extremists and western backed militants”.

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