Tired of Messy Ice Creams? Well, the Drip Drop is Here to Solve All Your Ice Cream Woes

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ICE CREAMIt may just be the coolest, most ingenious solution in the ice cream world since the invention of the ice cream cone in 1904.

Americans all love ice cream, and in fact, a full 90% of U.S. households regularly indulge in a sweet, frozen treat. However, the indulgence often comes brain freeze, messy clothes, and sticky hands, but luckily, two boys from Colorado have come up with an ingenious solution to cut back on those sticky drips that happen when enjoying an ice cream cone.

Its called the Drip Drop, and it will prevent ice cream cone drips and spills from getting all over the place. Sam Nassif and Oliver Greenwald, both 15, have recently won a $50,000 prize for a 33% investment in their business from Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran in the hopes of promoting their ingenious product.

The idea is easy. The Drip Drop is a saucer, made from the same material as an ice cream cone, with a hole in the middle to fit around most conventional ice cream cones. The saucer comes in different flavors, and has the ability to be customized with chocolate, candies, or frosting for a double-decker treat.

Nassif and Greenwald were inspired to fix a simple problem, seeing people struggle with drips. 3Ders.com reports them saying, “Our coaches told us to keep our eyes open for everyday problems all around us. So we were walking past an ice cream shop and we saw these two little kids with sticky hands and messy clothes from their ice cream cones.”

So they took to their school’s 3D printer and printed out a simplified prototype of the Drip Drop. Their idea has been in the works for about five years and has won numerous awards at their school.

While they don’t have drivers licenses, they do have a patent for the Drip Drop. So who knows? With the help of Corcoran, these two could be millionaires by the time they graduate high school.

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