Us Aviation Unveils Shocking Revelations about Malaysian Missing Flight

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As the US role expands, the more facts about the missing plane are being revealed. US Aviation radar experts said on Friday that “the missing Malaysian flight 370 had flown more than 4 hours since the time it lost contact with Malaysian air traffic controller”. It is said that the sudden disappearance of plane from the radar was supposed to be intentional act and a transmitted fitted at the top of the plane kept on beeping for more than 4 hours. It means the missing plane had almost traveled 2500 miles in this period of time.

On the other hand, a senior US official says “It may be an act of piracy and investigators are trying to find out any possible human intrusion”.  He further said on the condition of anonymity that “The plane might have been landed somewhere else and the prevailing indications clearly force authorities to reckon it as involvement of terrorism”.

Besides, Malaysian military radar shows that “the Blips signaling from Boeing 777 changed the direction of plane and it had headed towards Strait of Malacca”. It has been almost 8 days since the flight went missing and so far no clue of crash or hijack has so far been identified.

hugesearchareaApart from this, officials told to a private news agency that “the diversion of plane from its scheduled route suggests that the plane was being controlled by a trained and experienced pilot”.   In addition, a senior investigator said to Reuters that “we have thoroughly investigated the background of the pilots flying the missing jet and we have not found them involved in any criminal activity”.

Though the search operation has been expanded from the Strait of Malacca to the Indian Ocean yet investigators would take time to reach at the conclusion of the missing jet.

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