Washington landslide Missing People Number Nosedives to 30

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The number of missing people of Washington’s deadly and dangerous landslide has nosedived from 90 to 30 and the number of confirmed dead has reached to the remarkable hike.

Program manager Jason Biermann of Department of Emergency Management said in a press briefing that the number of confirmed dead has increased from 17 to 18 and we have found another body from the debris. He further said that the recovered body has not been identified however we did not include it in the confirmed dead toll.

On the contrary, officials of Emergency Management had already speculated that the number of death toll would inevitably be nosedived as residents of Darrington happened to turn up.  Besides, medical examiner Biermann said that “we are facing serious challenges to identify the bodies because rescuers have not found any intact body.”

Apart from this, to show solidarity with the deceased families, a church in OSO has planned to hold a ceremony on Saturday.  Mayor of Darrington said that “the wounds of this incident will take too much time to heal and our community is changed forevermore”.

washingotnIt goes without saying that most of the people are still buried in the debris and rescue teams have brought more dogs to find the bodies.Lastly, Rankin said that “in our heart, we are in rescue mode and in our mind we are still in recovery mode.

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