What You Should Know to Use a Mic Boom

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The boom microphone is popular in the world of film and television production. However, to achieve the finest possible production sound, using a mic boom properly requires a high skill level. This video takes you through a tutorial on how to use a mic boom.

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A high-quality condenser microphone, a shock mount, and the boom pole are the essential components of your mic boom setup. Using a boom removes the need for subjects to be self-conscious about using a microphone. They can move around freely without affecting the sound quality, and they eliminate issues over proper microphone technique.
Any object of the correct size and shape, such as a broomstick, fishing pole, or a microphone stand minus the legs, is ideal for constructing a basic boom. A decent boom will have some form of isolating mechanism for the microphone, preventing vibrations from transferring to the mic itself. This might include elastic suspensions or foam padding, among other things.
Maintain careful control over the distance that separates the microphone and the subject. The microphone needs to be as close as possible without getting in the way of the shot. To prevent varying volume levels, it should maintain a fixed distance.

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