World War II Scenario Revives From Ukraine

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As the Russia increases its control over the Crimean region, the tensions in Europe and in the Western world speedily grow. The Europeans have begun to recall the World War II scenario when States were planning to control territories of other countries.

To elaborate it, a Russian historian Andrei Zubov has compared the “Putin’s Crimea invasion with Hitler’s annexation of Australia” and called this move as the beginning of anarchy.

The Russian historian says that  Austria and many other states of Europe are seriously considering the far reaching repercussions of Russian invasion and chances are there that the whole European system might be finished if it turns out to be into a global war.

It goes without saying that the Ukraine of today is the Austria of 1930s. Austria had declared independence after the drastic shift in the world order in 1930s and the same had happened with Ukraine which declared its independence after the collapse of Soviet Union.

On the other hand, Hitler said to the world that his people were being maligned in the Austria and it was the reason that he had to invade the country. Similarly, Putin is doing the same. He sought special permission from his parliament under the pretext of safeguarding the interest of Russian speakers and ordered his military forces to control the region.

No doubt, the Europe of today is far better than the past. It has learned a lot from the Stalinism and Socialism and improved its territorial integration.  But, the ongoing crisis in Ukraine are recalling the deadly past of Europe and foreign policy experts hold the opinion that if Russia would go on continuing its subjugation, it will totally mar the existing European system.   Last but not the least, if Ukraine is swallowed by Russia, the whole Europe will face a serious geopolitical challenges.


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